National Solo Competition

Click on the link for the application, below. Please fill in the form, save it locally on your computer, and email it as an attachment to Staff Sergeant Omar Dejesus

Application Form

Each year the American Trombone Workshop (ATW) hosts its National Solo Competition. This event gives students and young professional trombonists the opportunity to compete against their peers. It has drawn competitors from around the world. Recordings are sent to ATW for review in November. From this semifinal round, up to three entrants per division are invited to compete in an open public recital during the workshop in front of a distinguished panel of judges. The judges select winners and provide valuable comments to the competitors.

The experience gained through making a quality audition recording and learning how to perform in a competitive environment is invaluable for musicians of any age or performance level. The ever-growing number of entries received is evidence that the National Solo Competition continues to be one of the workshop’s most exciting and anticipated events.


  • Division 1 - If you were born on or after Nov 1, 1998
  • Division 2 - If you were born after Oct 31, 1994 and before Nov 1, 1998
  • Division 3 - Open to all ages



  • Division 1: Morceau Symphonique by Phillippe Gaubert (Alphonse Leduc)
  • Division 2: Concerto for Trombone by Ida Gotkovsky (Gerard Billaudot)
  • Division 3: Trombone Concerto by Derek Bourgeois (G&M Brand)


  • Division 1: Sonata in F Minor by Georg Phillip Telemann, arr. Ostrander (International)
  • Division 2: Four Serious Songs by Johannes Brahms (Kagarice Brass Editions)
  • Division 3: New Orleans by Eugene Bozza (Alphonse Leduc)


Applications for the ATW National Solo Competition can be downloaded using the link at the top of this page. Everyone must use this form. Audio recordings may be submitted either on a physical cd mailed to the competition coordinator or digitally via an on-line file-sharing service. ATW will not provide the file-sharing service. Competitors are asked to upload their entries to their own accounts on major file-sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to the competition coordinator. It is advised that you use a reputable and reliable service.

For the primary round all applicants must prepare a quality recording of the piece corresponding to the division in which they are competing. You must use a piano accompaniment (unless the piece is unaccompanied). Hard copies will be in cd format only, digital uploads should be AAC, WAVE or AIFF format (no MP3 please). Persons wishing to enter more than one division must prepare separate audition recordings.

Please remember that your submission will be received along with many others. Therefore, it is very important that you clearly and accurately mark your submission with the following information:

  • Name
  • Division
  • Piece
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

For CD submissions, the label containing the above information should be on the disc or disc case. For on-line submissions, create a folder on your chosen file sharing service that includes only your ATW competition audio and application form. Use your last name as the file name for all files in the folder (for example, Johnson.aif). Please ensure that the folder contains only these items, and share the folder by sending an invitation to SSG Omar Dejesus. Note: if you intend to enter more than one division, you must create a separate folder for each.

Recording and application must be RECEIVED by November 1, 2017 (this is NOT a postmark deadline)

No editing of any type is permitted within a movement of the work. Please inquire with your postal carrier to ensure that your submitted packet is received by the submission deadline. NOTE: Tracking number services through postal carriers are highly recommended.

Mail CD entry to:
The United States Army Band
American Trombone Workshop
National Solo Competition
c/o SSG Omar Dejesus
400 McNair Road
Fort Myer, VA 22211

E-mail filled-in Application PDF and links to digital entries (DO NOT e-mail the actual files) to: SSG Omar Dejesus

Recordings will not be returned to the applicants. Therefore, be sure to keep track of the masters (do not send master recordings, only a high quality copy on CD). Selected participants are responsible for all transportation and lodging expenses. All participants will perform with piano accompanists provided by ATW.

To Qualify for Entry, You Must:

  • Observe the submission deadline
  • Adhere to the age requirements
  • Send an unedited recording
  • Avoid all spoken dialogue on a recording unless it is explicitly called for in the piece
  • Observe instructions regarding the labeling of CDs and digital files