The American Trombone Workshop presents the National Trombone Quartet Competition. Our goal is to promote this important and popular genre for players of all ages. In addition to gaining valuable experience in preparing for a national competition, those selected will be given the opportunity to perform a full recital for the ATW audience. We encourage all who are interested to take part in this exciting event.


Click on the link below for the application form. Please fill in the required fields, save locally on your computer, and include the completed form with your recording submission.


This competition is open to all trombone quartets. There are no age restrictions. The winning quartet will perform a solo recital at the American Trombone Workshop.


  1. Andante Con Moto by Franz Schubert, arr. Ernest Miller (Southern Music)

  2. Movements III and IV from Myths and Legends by Erik Ewazen (ITA Press)

Applications for the ATW National Trombone Quartet Competition can be downloaded using the link at the top of this page. Audio recordings may be submitted to the competition coordinator digitally via an on-line file-sharing service. ATW will not provide the file-sharing service. Competitors are asked to upload their entries to their own accounts on major file-sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link to the competition coordinator. It is advised that you use a reputable and reliable service. Place completed application form and audio files of required repertoire in the same folder, and use your ensemble’s name as the filename for all files (i.e. TritonQuartet.aif). Digital uploads must be AAC, WAVE, or AIFF format (no MP3, please). Deadline for all material is November 6, 2017. Please ensure that the folder on your file sharing service contains only these items. Share the folder by sending an invitation to SFC Dale Moore.

Winning ensemble will perform full recital at the 2018 American Trombone Workshop, day and time to be determined. Individuals in the winning quartet are responsible for all transportation and lodging expenses. If you have any questions contact SFC Dale Moore.


Submission deadline is November 6, 2017. No editing of any type is permitted within a movement of a work. Digital uploads must be high quality files such as AAC, WAVE, or AIFF (no MP3).


  • Failure to observe submission deadline (please see above).
  • An edited recording (please see above).
  • Spoken dialogue on recording.
  • Failure to observe instructions regarding labeling digital files (please see above).

Past Winners

2016 - The Juilliard Trombone Quartet

2015 - AMF Trombone Quartet, University of Texas at Austin

2014 - Bearbones Trombone Quartet, Baylor University

2013 - Yale University Trombone Quartet

2012 - Indiana University Trombone Quartet

2011 - Co-winners: Oklahoma State University Trombone Quartet and University of Michigan Trombone Quartet

2010 - Rittenhouse Quartet

2009 - Northwestern University Trombone Quartet

2008 - Southern Methodist University Trombone Quartet

2007 - University of North Texas TF Quartet

2006 - Chicago Trombone Quartet