MSG Michael A. Cano

, trumpet


Las Cruces, NM

Joined the band:


Bachelor's Degree:

New Mexico State University

After completing Basic Training at Ft. Sill Oklahoma in September 1990, MSG Cano joined the United States Army Band "Pershing’s Own" as a Ceremonial Band trumpet player and in July of the following year joined the United States Army Herald Trumpets as one of the two Eb Soprano Herald Trumpeters. Cano has performed with every instrumental ensemble to include the U.S. Army Brass Band, The U.S. Army Concert Band, The U.S. Army Blues Jazz Ensemble, and the U.S Army Brass Quintet. He has also traveled all over the world with Pershing’s Own as a musical ambassador to places such as Holland, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Australia, Nova Scotia, and Scotland. Among the countless ceremonial duties in Washington D.C., the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and Arlington National Cemetery, Cano has performed for the Past 7 Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies. Added to these prestigious honors, Cano has played for every Ambassador, Prime Minister, and Head of State in the World who has visited the United States over the past 25 years to include Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, Boris Yeltsin, Xi Jinping, and the Queen of England. He has also performed in the opening ceremonies at every American Hosted Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies over the past 20 years to include the 1996 Summer Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia, the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City Utah, and the 2001 Special Olympic Games in Anchorage, Alaska. In Addition to these wonderful opportunities, Cano performed for the opening of the Arthur Ash Stadium and Museum in Rhode Island, the William J. Clinton Library and Museum in Little Rock Arkansas, The George W. Bush Library and Museum in Dallas, TX, and the opening ceremonies of Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville Florida.