The Capitol Bones

The Capitol Bones


Founded in 1991, the Capitol Bones are the Premier jazz trombone ensemble in the Washington DC area.
From the nation's capital comes a new voice. The Capitol Bones, Washington, DC's premiere jazz trombone ensemble, offers something exciting and new for jazz lovers everywhere, with an added treat for those treasured listeners who appreciate and seek out great trombone playing.

Group founder and leader Matt Niess brought together the best jazz trombonists in DC, an area known for the depth of its trombone bench, to participate in a group dedicated to promoting not only great ensemble playing but the expansion of the repetoire of this unique medium. Since its inception in 1991 The Capitol Bones have played throughout the country to include performances at The International Trombone Workshop in Las Vegas-Nevada & Rochester- NY, jazz clubs, Universities and an annual appearance at The Eastern Trombone Workshop in Washington, DC. In addition to the standard arrangements The Capitol Bones have added several new works to the jazz trombone ensemble repetoire by such notables as Conrad Herwig, Mike Tomaro, Mark Taylor, Jim Roberts and Matt Niess.

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