Recording Notes

The United States Army Band is happy to provide educational resources for music instructors and performers from our latest recordings.

Scenes & Statues - Released 2016

Scenes and Statues

Download the Scenes & Statues Liner Notes

Something Old, Something New: Yours to Borrow From the Blues - Released 2012

Our first “play-along” project, Blues + You enables the performer to play along with The U.S. Army Blues.

Materials include:

  • Complete arrangements with score and individual parts as PDF files.
  • Separate full-band mp3 files minus lead trumpet, lead alto saxophone, lead trombone, and each rhythm instrument.
  • Mp3 files of rhythm section only for solo or full horn section practice.

Made In America - Released 2012

Download the entire packet here - 2.2 MB .pdf file.

You can also listen to the tracks from “Made In America” by visiting the Army Band Jukebox.. Just search for “Made In America”.