STEM+A=STEAM! We’re putting the A(rts) in STEM!

Are you interested in a change of pace that will get your math and science students’ attention in a fun and engaging way? The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” has crafted a presentation that uses music to illustrate math and science concepts and encourages kids to think of core subjects from a new angle.

We introduce you to: STEAM: The Musical!


A troupe of passionate Army Band musicians, many of whom hold advanced degrees in music, will actively demonstrate how Fibonacci, Pythagoras, ratios, sequences, and patterns all work together to create the sounds we hear in concert halls and on the radio every day. These ideas are approached from a direction that students might not expect, while encouraging them to consider how your classroom materials affect them in a very real and relevant way.

Best of all, this presentation is FREE!


Our STEAM Team has created a 45-minute presentation geared towards math and science students that uses music to teach cross-disciplinary STEM concepts. The session centers around the Fibonacci sequence, Pythagoras, and the Golden Ratio, all selected because they allow for students to consider subjects from a larger world-view, and the topics are relatable across multiple disciplines, including math, biology, physics, and architecture—as well as music.


We intentionally emphasize and indicate the specific national core standards in math, science, history, and music that are achieved by the presentation.

Educators are able to prep students on the subject matter before the presentation, as well as review material after the fact. The diversity of subjects covered by these scholastic programs connects music with a wider range of students, not just those enrolled in music programs. The program incorporates student interaction, technology, performance humor, visual aids, and musical props.

Each time we have performed this session for a student audience it has been rewarding to sense that—even if it is just on their way home from school that day—we have made them think of music a little bit differently. It has been fun and encouraging to see the level of engagement with students when music is brought into the math and science classroom. It really is a blast for everyone—including the math and science teachers!


It is our hope that this presentation will contribute to the brainstorming process of making music a vital and growing part of public education. Our STEAM Team is constantly thinking up new sessions and approaches for increasing the level of student engagement. We tailor presentations for different age groups, alter the focuses for music classrooms, and continue to add new subjects for educators to share with students.

Ultimately this presentation will be available in PDF form on our website with an accompanying video, and we encourage any and all educators to use the concepts in their own classrooms.

If your school is located in the National Capital Region, contact Army Band Operations to inquire about a STEAM Team event at your school! Please allow 48 hours for a response.