Day 2 | 2023 Tuba-Euphonium Workshop

Day 2 | 2023 Tuba-Euphonium Workshop

Evening Concert at 7:30PM: The U.S. Army Blues with Patrick Sheridan, tuba.

Thu / Feb 2

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Brucker Hall | Fort Myer, VA

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8:00AM - Group Warm-up

Bring your horn and warm-up for the day with Patrick Sheridan

9:00AM - Military Recital

with Michael Thompson, piano

Drei Romanzen | Robert Schumann

SSG Brandon Benson, tuba

Concertino | Rolf Wilhelm

1. Allegro ma non troppo

2. Andante ma non troppo, piacevole

3. Moderato con animo

SPC Zachary Al-Radiedeh, euphonium

Lost in the World | Andrew Creech

A1C Andrew Berry, euphonium

Ordner seg (It’ll be Alright) | Øystein Baadsvik

TSgt Alison Miserendino, euphonium

CMSgt(retired) Jan Duga, tuba

Fantasy on a Theme by Mozart | Syotaro Miyamoto

SPC Zachary Al-Radiedeh, euphonium

A1C Andrew Berry, euphonium

10:00AM - Recital: Dr. Chris Combest, tuba; Brian Mueller, percussion

Incantation for tuba and marimba | William C. White

Becoming for tuba and vibraphone | Brian Mueller

My Mountain Top | Andy Scott

lyrics by Lemn Sissay

video by Senna Dufour

11:00AM - Valdosta State University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

Shake and Bake | Anthony O’Toole

Second Suite in F | Gustav Holst, arr. Mike Forbes

Prelude and Dance | Gregory Fritze

12:00PM - Recital: Blake Birmingham, euphonium; Michael Thompson, piano

White Lotus | Puangroy Apaiwongs, arr by Kerkiat Chongirjitra, piano arr by Pornphan Banternghansato

Pie in the face Polka | Henry Mancini, arr Diego Marani

Ablaze! | Peter Graham

with SFC Toby Furr

Cum Dederit - "Andante" - Nisi Dominus RV 608 | Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

La Napolitaine | Oskar Bohme, arr Ralph E Pearce

12:30PM - Recital: Ramón Garavito Jr., tuba

Himno Nacional Mexicano | Lyrics by Francisco González Bocanegra, music by Jaime Nunó Roca

Sonora Querida | Felipe Adolfo de la Huerta OR Raúl Castell

El Triste (1970) | Roberto Cantoral García

Mi Lindo Nayarit | Víctor Manuel Gallegos Valenzuela

Más Allá del Sol (1940) | Concepción "Conchita" Angulo, orch. Emiliano Ponce Sedano (1889-1966)

México Lindo y Querido | Jesús "Chucho" Monge Ramírez

1:00PM - U.S. Army Field Band Tuba-Euphonium Section

Ludus | Vaclav Nelhybel

I. Allegro

III. Molto Vivo

The Green Hill | Bert Appermont

SSG Patrick Nyren, euphonium

Michael Thompson, piano

Newbury Quintet for Tuba and String Quartet | Eric Ewazen

-Allegretto leggiero

-Andante affettuoso

-Allegro risoluto

SFC Scott Devereaux, tuba

U.S. Army Band String Quartet

Benediction | John Stevens

Ignition | Kevin Day

2:00PM - Recital: Dr. Brandon Smith, tuba

Old House | Andrew Batterham

Landscapes | Ian McCollum

I. Teton

II. A Grand Canyon Run

III. Smokey Mountain Lament

IV. Redwood Spires

Violin Concerto in D Major, op. 35 | P. Tchaikovsky, arr. Noreen Baer

Tuba Concerto | Jennifer Higdon

I. Dynamo

II. Crescent Line

III. Adamant Scherzo

3:00PM - The Modern Tuba, with Bill Muter

The tuba was the first bass instrument in jazz music and is currently undergoing a renaissance and reemergence in not only jazz but modern music. The “Modern Tuba” is an interactive masterclass where students are invited to join the bandstand and play with a group of world class musicians to learn the in’s and out’s of what it takes to “hang” in this type of environment. We work on bass lines, groove, articulation, sound and most importantly the student’s perception of all of these concepts.

We also discuss alternate ways to practice and interpret popular brass books like Melodious Etudes, Arban, Blazevich and more. The intent is to help students expand upon their current classical training to make them marketable to even more playing environments.

4:00PM - U.S. Navy Band Tuba-Euphonium Quartet

Celestial Suite | Bulla

Emma Catherine | Omar Thomas

Goldberg's Machine | McMillan

Fantasy | Martino

4:30PM - University of Tennessee-Knoxville Volunteer Brass Quintet

Raise the Roof | Gwyneth Walker

Hopscotch | Brian Balmages

Quintet | Michael Kamen

Ricochet | Kerry Turner


Nathan Coffman, Alexis Kilgore, trumpet

James Roddy, horn

Hugh Lindsay, trombone

Anderson Johnson, tuba

5:00PM - Reading Session

Bring your horn and read some tunes under the direction of MSG Daniel Ord

6:00PM - Armed Forces Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble (AFTEE) Rehearsal

Open to all military personnel. Rehearsal in the Minor Studio.

7:30PM - The U.S. Army Blues

Program to be announced from the stage

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