Day 3 | 2023 Tuba-Euphonium Workshop

Day 3 | 2023 Tuba-Euphonium Workshop

Evening Concert at 7:30PM: The U.S. Army Orchestra with SSG Andrew Dougherty, tuba; Dr. Danielle VanTuinen, euphonium; Dr. Danielle Moreau, marimba; Patricio Cosentino, tuba; Misa Mead, euphonium.

Fri / Feb 3

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Brucker Hall | Fort Myer, VA

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Exhibits open from 12PM -5:30PM

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8:00AM - "Pumping Iron, Pumping Valves" with Danny Chapa

A bodybuilder's organized and thoughtful approach to training is very similar to a musician's daily fundamental practice routine. In this presentation, we will explore that correlation and discuss techniques we can borrow from progressive strength training to efficiently develop all of the necessary skills needed to meet the demands of our current repertoire (i.e. tone quality, articulation, finger dexterity, and flexibility). Further applications may also be applied to improving overall diet and fitness strategies.

9:00AM - Military Recital

with Michael Thompson, piano

L’invite De Marc | Jean Philippe Vanbeselare

SSG Marc Placencia, tuba

Divertimento | Eddy Debons (1968)

SSG Brianna Williams, euphonium

Retratos | Vinicio A. Meza

I. A la Española

II. Vals

III. Canción Sin Palabras

IV. Blues

MU1 Joseph Guimaraes, tuba

10:00AM - Falcone Winner's Recital

Chris Bloom, tuba

Maila Springfield, piano

Retratos | Vinicio Meza

I. A La Española

II. Vals

III. Canción Sin Palabras

IV. Blues

Metallic Figures: Concerto for Tuba | Kevin Day

I. Fury

II. Time

III. Vengeance

Andrew Ribo, euphonium

Alexei Ulitin, piano

Euphonium Concerto | Vladimir Cosma

I. Allegro Assai

Songs of a Sojourner | Nicole Piunno

II. Rim Trail

III. Cedar Falls

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms | Simone Mantia

11:00AM - University of North Georgia Low Brass Collective

Dr. Adam Frey, conductor

Fanfare for Frey (World Premiere) | Kasey Higginbotham

Hymnsong on Phillip Bliss | David Holsinger, arr. Jon Oliver

Promenade | Eugene Vasconi

Cinematic Fanfare | Zach Collins

Zach Collins, conductor

Amazing Grace | Patrick Wright

Les Misérables | Schöenberg, arr. Joe Murphy


Horn: Emma Turner

Trombone: Taylor Berry, Evan Gravitt, Jon Martin, Atira Murawski, Connor Nichols, Fernando Ortiz, Logan Starr

Euphonium: Lauren Brack, Bethany Bruning, Eli McAdams, Doug Sausser, Logan Whittington

Tuba: Kasey Higginbotham, George Jones, Alyssa Mitchell, Peter Pontes, Nate Willock

Percussion: Bailey Watanabe, Sarah Tench, Tyler Howell

Piano: Hannah Stocksdale

12:00PM - Recital: Dr. Alexander Lapins

Reload | Eduardo Nogueroles

Thoughts on the Death of a Tree | Skye van Duuren

ElevenTwelve | Joanna Ross Hersey

All Glass is Slowly Flowing | Andrew Sigler

Rev. E.L. Knight | Douglas McRay Daniels

My Mountain Top | Andy Scott and Lemn Sissay

1:00PM - Social Media Tips and Tricks with Drew Bonner and Kevin Fenske

Easy, affordable ways to promote yourself and/or your studio with quality content on a consistent basis. This presentation will explore the best practices for navigating Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We’ll demystify everything from the algorithms, branding, and basic video editing to put you and your studio on the map. We’ll also discuss the importance of social media presence and answer questions on how to tastefully highlight yourself and your students

2:00PM - Recital: Dr. Stephanie Ycaza, tuba; Alexei Ulitin, piano

Indrodućão e Dança | Fernando Deddos

Twenty Tricky Tunes | Zoe Cutler




with Dr. Ross Walter, euphonium

Heavy Metal Tuba Concerto | Evan Zegiel

II. The Story of More

III. Fire in the Sky

2:30PM - Recital: Tim Buzbee, tuba; Alexei Ulitin, piano

Sonata in Eb | J.S Bach

I. Allegro Moderato

II. Siciliana

III. Allegro

Romance | Carl Maria von Weber, arr. Martin McCain

Apocalyptic Voices | James N. Meador

3:00PM - Self Care Seminar with Jarret McCourt

The goal of this seminar is to offer tools to musicians for dealing with anxiety, both on stage and off. Participants will learn about a variety of ways that they can handle stress, and will be offered a series of ideas to improve their overall happiness in the practice room and outside in the real world.

4:00PM - George Mason University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

Concerto for Tuba, I. Declaration | Anthony O’Toole

Dr. William Porter, tuba

Dr. Ina Mirtcheva-Blevins, collaborative piano

The Fairfax Four Tuba Euphonium Quartet

Jonathan Farrington-tuba

Michael Baker, Jenna Hoffman, Hunter Swanson-euphoniums

Unburdened | Willem de Koch, arr. Hunter Swanson

Earle of Oxford’s March | William Byrd, arr. Kenyon D. Wilson

The George Mason University Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble

Dr. William Porter, conductor

Quartet for Low Brass | Stephen Bulla

Toccata | Girolamo Frescobaldi

Transcribed | Joseph Skillen

Cinematic Fantasy | Zach Collins

Josias Ventura, Conductor

Jazz Suite, III. New Orleans | Lewis J. Buckley

Michael Secchi, Conductor

Brass Tacks | Tyler Mire

Stroll Down Vana’diel Lane | Tyler Mire


Euphoniums: Jacob Aeschleman, Michael Baker,

Jenna Hoffman, Thanapol Phosut, Hunter Swanson

Tubas: John Choi, James DeBrular, Jonathan Farrington,

Cameron Gordon, Michael Secchi, Josias Ventura

4:15PM - Armed Forces Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble (AFTEE) Rehearsal

Open to all military personnel. Rehearsal in the Major Studio.

5:00PM - Reading Session

Bring your horn and read some tunes under the direction of Jarret McCourt

7:30PM - The U.S. Army Orchestra

Carnival Overture, Op. 92 | Antonin Dvorak

Concerto Grosso | Etienne Crausaz

I. Patterns

II. Soliloquies

III. Riffs

Dr. Danielle VanTuinen, euphonium

Dr. Danielle Moreau, marimba

CPT Richard Viglucci, conducting

Landscape | Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist

SSG Andrew Dougherty, tuba

MAJ Aaron Morris, conducting

Concierto para Tuba y Orquesta (US premiere) | Roberto Pintos

I. Quasi Cadenza - Presto - Lento

II. Romanzinha

III. Presto

Patricio Cosentino, tuba

LTC Randy Bartel, conducting

Euphory Concerto | Adam Wesolowski

I. Andante

II. Allegretto con unmore

III. Presto con fermezza

Misa Mead, Euphonium

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting

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