Trombone Ensemble at Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library

Trombone Ensemble at Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Library

Pershing's Own Chamber Players

Pershing's Own Chamber Players present an evening of great literature for trombone ensemble.

Thu / Sep 22 / 6:30 pm


Martin Luther King Public Library | Washington, DC

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About this Venue

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Taming Giants
David Faleris
1. Giants!
2. Taming
3. Celebratory

Anthony Barfield
SSG Michael Burner, soloist

Three Songs
Johannes Brahms
arr. Vern Reynolds

1. Es Rauschet Das Wasser
2. Weg Der Liebe
3. So Lass uns Wandern

Alpine Fantasy
Richard Strauss
arr. Ben Mansted and SSG Kyle Peck

Trombone Ensemble Personnel
SSG Michael Burner
SSG Jonathan Kraft
SSG Kyle Price
SSG Ethan Scholl
SSG Katie Thigpen

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