The U.S. Army Band Downrange

Commercial Vocalist Alto or Soprano

Apply before: May 2, 2022

Audition date(s): June 21, 2022

The United States Army Band Pershing’s Own announces a vacancy for Commercial Vocalist in the Alto or Soprano range with the Army Band’s Downrange popular ensemble. The United States Army Band is the premier musical organization, located 5 minutes from downtown Washington DC.

Downrange, a dynamic element of the world-renowned United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”, is a talented 6-piece rhythm section (2 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass and drums) and a group of four vocalists that perform a variety of popular music and current hits including Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B and today’s Country. Members of this exciting group enjoy sharing their talents in and around the Washington, DC area, performing at a variety of public venues and supporting top military leadership at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House.

Main duties will include rehearsals and performances with The U.S. Army Band Downrange. Additional duties include singing the National Anthem at important military and civilian functions as well as performing with other elements of The United States Army Band.

Military benefits include medical and dental care; 30-days paid vacation each year; permanent assignment to Fort Myer, and educational benefits such as military Tuition Assistance and the Forever G.I. Bill. Annual starting salary for Staff Sergeant is $66,899 without dependents; $74,207 with dependents.

Audition Information

Auditions will be held at Brucker Hall, home of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” at 400 McNair Road, Fort Myer, Virginia 22211-1306.

Travel expenses for civilians will be paid for by The U.S. Army pending enlistment qualification and funding approval. Military personnel should refer to their respective units to request travel funding. The audition will include the performance of prepared excerpts and sight-reading.

To Apply For The Vacancy Please Submit The Following Items

1. Short resume, including email address

2. Full-length photograph

3. Video recordings containing the following selections, with a backing track:

-“Levitating” by Dua Lipa

-“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston

-“Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson

-A selection of the applicant’s choice that demonstrates their strongest attribute.

If applicant plays an accompanying instrument such as guitar or piano, or has the ability to sing in a language other than English, please demonstrate here.

-An a cappella version of the National Anthem (applicant’s choice of key)

4. Military applicants must also include their Enlisted Records Brief, or equivalent, and a Commander’s letter of intent.

Please email application materials to Sergeant First Class Christopher Buckley.

Preferred Application File Formats

  • PDF files for all documents including photos
  • Video recordings should be uploaded to YouTube using ‘unlisted’ links
  • Each selection should be uploaded as a separate video file
  • Either submit the unlisted link to each video, or the link to your full playlist containing all videos.
  • Ideally, email all photos and documents as attachments in PDF format and then include the link to the video files
  • no ZIP files


An audition repertoire packet will be sent to those selected and invited to a live audition.

Contact an Audition Coordinator

Applicants with questions or concerns regarding the COMMERCIAL VOCALIST audition may contact Sergeant First Class Christopher Buckley.



The annual starting salary for Staff Sergeant equates to $66, 899 without dependents and $74, 207 with dependents


Full medical and dental coverage

Paid Leave

30 days paid vacation annually


The Blended Retirement System allows you to immediately begin contributing to a retirement account, in addition to being eligible for a pension after 20 years of active duty service.


Earn full tuition for higher education through the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Also, tuition assistance is available for continuing education.

Military Rank

Members of “Pershing’s Own” are given the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 42S (forty two sierra), “Special Band Musician”. Personnel are promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6) two months after completion of Basic Combat Training.


Permanent duty assignment to Fort Myer, VA, located near the heart of Washington, DC

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  • The U.S. Army Band’s audition and hiring process values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • All applicants must currently hold U.S. Citizenship
  • Civilian applicants must be 34 years of age or younger at the time of the audition
  • All applicants must meet the standard requirements for enlistment in the United States Army
  • Vacancies are available to qualified civilians, and military personnel of the grade E-6 and below. Military applicants above the grade of E-6 and/or having more than 10 years time in service must contact the Auditions Coordinator prior to applying to confirm eligibility.

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