The U.S. Army Voices

The U.S. Army Voices

LTC Leonel A. Peña, Director

The U.S. Army Voices provide musical support to the nation’s leadership and entertain a wide variety of audiences with choral and patriotic music, from the intimate setting of a State Dinner, to the floor show of international military tattoos, and the grand stage of major concert halls around the world.

Selected for their musical versatility and showmanship, this well-blended group of vocalists combine their talents with an accomplished piano accompanist to present a variety of styles. They add finesse to classical chamber pieces, belt out top-40 hits, and croon music from the great American Songbook as well as the show tunes of Broadway. They add their own special sound to each of these styles and can combine their voices to replicate the timeless sound of The Andrews Sisters as well as reverently perform The Star Spangled Banner and other well-known patriotic show pieces in four-part harmony.

These dynamic performers have entertained audiences in a variety of spaces, from concert programs in The Music Center at Strathmore, to the Oslo Spektrum Arena for the 2012 Norwegian Military Tattoo, and in numerous other venues ranging from concert stages, music educator conferences, prestigious music institutions and camps, as well as live national television broadcasts and The White House. Beyond the scope of support for our nation’s executives, senior Army leadership and their foreign diplomatic guests, The U.S. Army Voices are a driving force in the vocal music world and among the American public who hear them.

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