The U.S. Army Woodwind Quintet

Woodwind Quintet

Founded in 1996, The U.S. Army Band Woodwind Quintet is one of the Army’s premiere chamber ensembles. An element of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” the quintet is frequently called upon in support of high-level military and civilian events at the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, and other locations around Washington, DC. With numerous performances at colleges and universities, as well as elementary and secondary schools, The U.S. Army Band Woodwind Quintet has established itself as a strong proponent of educational outreach. The quintet is also a much sought-after group for community concerts. From the recital halls of the country’s finest music schools and conservatories to local retirement communities, The U.S. Army Band Woodwind Quintet entertains, educates, and inspires.

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