American Trombone Workshop

The American Trombone Workshop is one of the largest annual events for trombone in the world, featuring recitals, concerts, workshops, and competitions for musicians of all ages.

Mar 8, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023

2023 Schedule of Events

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Wednesday, March 8th

  • 12:00PM - Recital featuring SSG Jonathan Kraft, Rai Morales, and Dr. Elizabeth Shafer
  • 1:30PM - National Bass Trombone Solo Competition
  • 3:30PM - National Jazz Solo Competition
  • 6:00PM - Recital - The French Trombone featuring Scott Anderson
  • 7:30PM - Washington Trombone Ensemble Concert with guest soloist Peter Steiner

Thursday, March 9th

Exhibits open from 12PM - 6PM at Spates Club

  • 10:00AM - Group Warm-up all are welcome to bring their horns
  • 12:00PM - Recital featuring SSG Michael Burner, Alex Handley, Dr. Justin Isenhour, Dr. Jeremy Marks, MU1 Mike Steiger, and Dr. Caroline Steiger
  • 1:00PM - National Tenor Trombone Solo Competition
  • 3:30PM - Recital with Peter Steiner and Constanze Hochwartner
  • 5:00PM - Masterclass featuring Jeremy Wilson
  • 7:30PM - U.S. Army Blues featuring Vincent Gardner, trombone

Friday, March 10th

Exhibits open from 9AM - 6PM at Spates Club

  • 10:00AM -Group Warm-up all are welcome to bring their horns
  • 12:00PM - Recital featuring the Joint Military Trombone Quartet; Will Porter; and Slides in Harmony: Megan Boutin, Nathaniel Lee, Sterling Tanner, Zsolt Szabo
  • 1:30PM - Masterclass with Seraph Brass
  • 2:45PM - University of Delaware Trombone Choir Recital
  • 4:00PM - Ithaca Trombone Choir Recital
  • 5:30PM - Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition Winners’ Recital
  • 7:30PM - The U.S. Army Orchestra with MU1 Myles Blakemore, trombone; Christopher Davis, bass trombone; Jeremy Wilson, trombone

Saturday, March 11th

Exhibits open from 9AM - 3PM at Spates Club

  • 9:00AM - Group Warm-up all are welcome to bring their horns
  • 10:30AM - National Trombone Quartet Competition Winners’ Recital
  • 11:30AM - Free Time to visit Exhibits at Spates Club
  • 1:00PM - University of Kentucky Trombone Choir Recital
  • 2:15PM - Eastman Trombone Choir Recital
  • 3:30PM - Education Panel
  • 4:30PM - Capitol Bones Recital
  • 7:30PM - The U.S. Army Concert Band featuring Seraph Brass; SSG Kyle Gordon, bass trombone; Brad White, trombone
  • 9:00PM - Reception (Sponsored by the USO)

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ATW Events Location

The 2023 American Trombone Workshop will be held at Brucker Hall on historic Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. A link to live events will be found on Facebook. To watch and keep up with the latest ATW news, please visit our Facebook Page.

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2023 Featured Artists

Guest Artists for the 2022 American Trombone Workshop include Vincent Gardner, Seraph Brass, MU1 Myles Blakemore, Chris Davis, SSG Kyle Gordon, Jeremy Wilson, and Brad White

ATW Competitions

ATW Competitions

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Solo Trombone

Trombone Quartet

Jazz Trombone Solo

Jazz Trombone Ensemble

The American Trombone Workshop’s Service Member Seminar is an opportunity for Active Duty, National Guard, And Reserve Military Personnel to experience the Workshop to its fullest potential. Seminar attendees will attend a prescribed number of the workshop’s events, attend dress rehearsals and gain special access to the visiting artists including exclusive question and answer sessions and a private one hour lesson, all free of charge. All seminar members will receive a certificate upon completion.

Who is Eligible: Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Military Personnel

Requirements: Seminar members must attend the required events as listed on the "Required Event Planning and Signature Sheet" and obtain signatures from the designated United States Army Band representative or designated visiting artist at each event.

To register and for more information contact SSG Katy Thigpen